Monday, October 5, 2015

Lost Latvia- Duļbovas engine mill

This year our Lost Latvia photo vacation took us to the farthest part of Latvia- Baltinava municipality Žīguriu perish. It is located in the northeast of Latvia and borders with, Pytalovsky District of Pskov Oblast of Russia in the east. This is not the most popular destination in Latvia for vacation, but it is surprisingly beautiful and great for urbex photography.
And there we found this amazing building.  I love it. This building, after heavy restoration, could be a perfect photo and art studio!
I have done some Internet research about this place, but there is very limited amount information about its history and no old images. 
Duļbovas engine mill or Valču (roller) mill was built in 1934 by using splitted rubble. The mill is a local architectural monument and consist of the two building- the mill and living house. During the 20th century the Duļbovas engine mill was used for wool processing and sawmill. From the beginning of the 21st century the mill is abounded. The last record is that it was part of the farm, but it is bankrupt. I could not found any more information about this object.
Even if we forget about financial and practical issues, there is one thing that reduces my enthusiasm - Russia. This unpredictable country is so close. Or should I look on it as additional market and opportunity?  But anyway at the moment it is my dream house of my studio!

Duļbovas engine mill house and inside we were surprised by an owl, but it happened too fast to have a picture.
gunadesign guna andersone Duļbovas engine mill or Valču  mill

Duļbovas engine mill living house. In this I did not went inside, the grass was very high and no path.
gunadesign guna andersone Duļbovas engine mill or Valču  mill living house

The sad inside of Duļbovas engine mill.
gunadesign guna andersone Duļbovas engine mill or Valču  mill inside

At the moment we can't build there our studio, but at least we can use images for our fine art photography- the soul of Duļbovas engine mill

gunadesign guna andersone Duļbovas engine mill or Valču  mill soul

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tips and tricks how to photograph and compose the Exotic Waffle

Mario Olvera sharing with us the process on how this shot was composed and the steps needed  to achive this result.